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How Did REST Come To Mean The Opposite of REST? Reading List

<time datetime="2022-07-19 08:22:31 &#43;0200 &#43;0200">19 July 2022</time><span class="px-2 text-primary-500">&middot;</span><span>100 words</span><span class="px-2 text-primary-500">&middot;</span><span title="Reading time">1 min</span>

And here I thought I knew full well what RESTful APIs had to look like. The constraint in my head was that individual resources (e.g. items in a database) should have their own URL and you used the HTTP verbs (GET, POST, DELETE, etc.) correctly.

What was missing from that is the Hypermedia aspect, where each response defines the appropriate URLs for the possible next steps.