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A better OMX Player Controller

·220 words

I’m using omxplayer on the Raspberry Pi for video playback because it utilizes the Raspberry Pi’s hardware video decoding. Because the front-end is a separate application, I just need to remote control OMX Player to start and stop the video and figure out how far the video has played back already.


Raspberry Pi Video Overlay on OMXPlayer via Kivy

··648 words

In one of my hobby projects I needed to display additional information on top of a running video. The whole project is based on the Raspberry Pi and Python.

This article describes the approach I’ve taken to display arbitrary content over the video with the help of the very flexible (and admittedly awesome) Kivy framework.


Maximizing in Yosemite

··91 words
Apple changed the behaviour of the small green button in the window controls from “Maximize” to “Fullscreen”.

Swift Pitfalls

·398 words
I’ve started a couple experiments in iOS 8 development using Apple’s new language Swift and learned a few lessons that I want to share.

Rover in Action

·61 words

I’m working at a software company. One of our side projects is the integration of new control concepts and input devices to robotic control.

We’ve integrated a couple of input devices and can control different rovers. One of them is the one I built.


Raspberry Pi Pulling the Plug

·421 words

While browsing for different breakout boards for the Rover I’ve discovered a nice little board that has a push button and logic pin to control a MOSFET.
This little contraption allows switching on and off the power, say through a USB cable.

Using the Motor Controller

·560 words

The Raspberry Pi has only a single PWM output. The Dagu Rover 5 chassis has 4 motors and 4 optical encoders that need reading as well. So my approach was to get a PWM servo/logic controller that could control the Dagu Motor Controller and additionally some servos for the camera pan/tilt.

New Web Site Skin

·18 words

I’ve updated the skin on the web site for something better looking.

It’s based on the UP skin.

Building a Rover

·441 words

Recently I’ve started building a remote-controllable rover. The main purpose of this is the exercise of controlling an embedded system and make actual things move with code.


The Awesome Space Muffins

·20 words

We participate as the Awesome Space Muffins.
T-Shirt artwork by me :-)
Idea by Eduardo.