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Some ways to get better at debugging
<time datetime="2022-08-30 17:01:54 &#43;0200 &#43;0200">30 August 2022</time><span class="px-2 text-primary-500">&middot;</span><span>68 words</span><span class="px-2 text-primary-500">&middot;</span><span title="Reading time">1 min</span>

Some ways to get better at debugging

A short overview for strategies on how to get better at debugging.

In short:

  • know the code
  • know your tools
  • know yourself
  • know how to approach problems

It gets easier the more things you’ve encountered, especially the next time you encounter something similar. Experience and understanding can’t be replaced by tools and are usually built the hard way.

Hopefully this article makes the hard way a little easier.